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Tuesday, the 07th of October 2014


Increased Russian Embargo sanctions come into force


The European Union has enlarged the Embargo against Russia.
This includes enlargement of already existing sanctions against financial institution,
the restriction of access to the European financial market for Russian armament
manufacturer and also Oil manufacturer as well as further sanctions for some more products.
Furthermore another 24 Russian persons and Ukrainian separatists have been admitted in
the sanction list.




Thursday, the 13th of March 2014


UTC Overseas is certified according to DIN ISO9001:2008 since 10.03.2014


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Wednesday, the 28th of March 2018

"Schedule of the world cup 2018 by UTC"


Wednesday, the 13th of September

"Close quarters create major cement plant challange"


Thursday, the 25th of August

"Organizing a boiler parade"


Tuesday, the 12th of July

"Industrial crane project to Spain"


 Wednesday, the 1th of June

"UTC Overseas helps deliver large university gift"


Wednesday, the 1th of June

"Circular letter - Amendment SOLAS - Containerweight - Verification"


Tuesday, the 3th of May

"UTC delivers key components for cement plant"


 Monday, the 4th of April

"UTC meets pressing challenge"


Wednesday, the 2nd March

"UTC completes challenging Mexican heavy haul"


Tuesday, the 19th of January

"Cargo to Brazil - Wooden Packing Material Regulation"


Friday, the 15th of January

"Transformer delivery sets three-state record"


Thursday, the 10th of December

"UTC meets challenge of large ship loader load"


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